"Don't take yourself so seriously, I don't"

Cpt. Picard's Travel Logs are about CPT. Jean-Luc Picard and photo documentation of his journeys. We have traveled together since I found him in the mud while I was deployed to Star Base Commanche at Outpost Bosnia (the sovereign people's republic there-of). I later bought a camera to document his travels in 9910.00.

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About the pictures - The pictures were all taken at the locations listed. No pics were altered except by cropping and reduction in size.

This is the original CPT. Picard's Travel Logs site. Accept no substitutions!

The good Captain and I first met as my Communications Section was running telephone wire (an ancient form of analog voice communications using a solid medium) around the perimeter of our base in Bosnia. We were performing this fine art of running wire through ankle deep mud, in areas that were supposedly free of mines. 'Free of mines' and the term 'mine swept' are not synonymous with the word 'safe'! Mines were known to mysteriously rise up out of the mud as the ground cycled through freezing, thawing, pouring rain or being baked hard as concrete. However, the unit we were replacing at the base had previously ran some wire lines in this general area, so we had some assurance. Never quite so assured that we didn't constantly look at where we walked and listen slightly for the dreaded 'click'. At some point in this damp mission, we were in a particularly smelly area behind the mess hall drainage ditch and I saw a fleshy pointy small finger pointing skyward. It was CPT. Picard's engage hand.


I immediately grabbed him and pulled him from his muddy resting place.
I wiped him off so and stuck him in my pocket. No fanfare or "hey-look fellas what I found!" (Someone with 15 years in the Army at the time, doesn't brag about finding a figurine) Now I am retired from the Army and don't care!
We do prefer the term 'figurine' as opposed to 'doll'!

We spent seven lovely months from 9610.05 to 9705.17 in the Land of Boz.

Cpt. Picard and I have been to the fabled and desolate Federation Training Area, Grafenwoehr Germany six times and Outpost Hohenfels several times after our Bosnia adventure during the period of 9706.00 through 9906.05.

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Since 9907.00 the Captain has accompanied me on missions to various Star Bases, Outposts, Stations and general points of interest such as El Paso, TX. (Ft. Bliss) , Killeen, TX. (Fort Hood), Austin, TX., San Antonio, Tx., Norfolk, Va. (Fort Eustis), Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Huntsville, Ala. , West Point Military Academy, NY., Watertown, NY. (Fort Drum), Seattle-Tacoma, WA. (Fort Lewis) , Fort Knox, KY., Tobyhanna Army Depot, PA., Washington D.C., Fort Huachuca, AZ., Atlantic City, NJ., NTC Ft. Irwin, CA., and several other places of infamy in the course of our official duties. We have traveled the length of the Pennsylvania Turnpike going to my spouses Mom's house in Kegg, PA. and further west along the wormhole (a.k.a. as I-70) into Indiana where my parental assets and sibling counterparts reside and eventaully due west to the Kansas Tornadic zone.

9907.00 to 0103.00 - Star Base Fort Monmouth, Eastern Quadrant (New Jersey) of the Federation Homeworld.
0103.00 to 0306.05 - Federation Outpost Fort Riley.
0306.06 to 0307.26 - Colony Radcliff, KY.
0307.27 to 0309.29 - Huntsville, Al. Expanse

0309.30 to present - Giles County, TN. Agricultural Zones


Join us in our travels and see where we have been. We are adding to the travel logs with the photos as we go. The Logs pertain to my rantings about the locations we have visited, people we have met and views on what-ever comes to my mind.

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